Nuclear follies of the gun grabbers

Man, do I love gun culture. Hard as it may be for some people to understand, gun culture is the single most important brake on the Pozzed Republic’s otherwise inevitable slide down the short, greased slope to hellish tyranny.

Sear this exchange into your memory:

One of the blessings of the current era is that the enemy’s auto-unmasking is nullifying the tedious, generations-long debate between the opposing sides in the culture war. Of course, the usual arguments continue, often in amplified form, on social media and elsewhere, but I think everyone knows they are mostly irrelevant now. You don’t debate with someone who threatens to nuke your house, any more than you debate with a rattlesnake. By the same token, the good congressman apparently sees his opponents in the gun debate as vile subhumans that deserve to be wiped out. In his mind, and in the minds of many (millions of) libtards, an American Hiroshima is a reasonable and justified mechanism to enforce a gun ban.

There is simply no way to bridge this divide. We now know that most, if not the vast majority, of the policy details we have quarreled about as a nation for decade after decade were just a distraction from the core conflict, a postponement of the inevitable showdown. We just want to be left alone; they want us dead. Everything else flows from this simple principle. We just wanted to buy our guns, raise our families, play our video games; they wanted to disarm us, atomize us, mock and subvert our culture, and force their inversion of morality down our throats.

But enough about the Cold Civil War. Is the good California congressman Eric Swalwell correct on this point? Could the government, if push comes to shove, simply take away all our guns, using the overwhelming might of the US military to impose its will on a defiant population?

The answer is no. And this is a point worth repeating and drilling into thick libtard skulls, because a growing number of them are dangerously emboldened, believing that the gummint and its shiny weaponry will force compliance with their hideous utopian schemes. When it comes to guns, this is the opposite of the truth, and while it is not important for libtards to understand why we love guns, it is very important for them to understand that their vision of a gun-free America is literally, physically impossible.

Fortunately, author Larry Correia has delivered himself of what may be the mother of all posts on why this is the case. Basically, the math doesn’t work. If the federal government is ever foolish enough to declare a nationwide gun ban, it would have to collect firearms from a population *at least* the size of Great Britain or France (this is an extremely lowball estimate). Assuming just 1% of those people decided to #resist such a gross usurpation of their constitutional rights – and you can bet the actual number would be way higher than 1% – the US government would suddenly find itself dealing with a continent-wide insurgency that would make Iraq look like a playground brawl. The greatest military in the history of the world was bogged down for almost nine years in Iraq, facing an insurgency force of perhaps 22,000 people at any given time. The government would have to fight 30 times that number of people on American soil. Minimum.

If they understand nothing else, libtards need to get it through their heads that they cannot win this particular fight. Never gonna happen. And the more brazenly and hysterically they push their violent fantasies, the more we hate them.